Thursday, May 31, 2007


This week brought me to the realization that I will be turning 37 in a couple months.

Gawd, am I old.

I know, all my readers are about this same vintage. All my friends are this same vintage. Are we all feeling this old? Or am I just missing something right now that reconnects me to the juicy, spunky, interesting, sexy, youthful girl I remember from my... well.... um... youth.

I might also mention that today is my 20th anniversary of my first date with my now-husband. It's also our 10th wedding anniversary. We adore eachother. We've literally grown up together. We'll always be together. But me, as a person, I've become wife and mother and occasional housecleaner (if you could call it cleaning). Last night I told him I was going to blog again. That I needed to find myself, if I ever knew her.

I want to take a belly dancing class. I want to go back to my weekly Italian classes I took back, long ago, before I ever started TTC. I want to write a book, or two. But the ongoing demands of motherhood---and maybe my own fears---seem to keep me from making any of it happen.

In a related note, some of my older readers might remember my Bizzare Love Triangle back in my Ghetto Fabulous 80s. Well, after living like a recluse all these years, I finally decided to reconnect.

I'll give you all the juicy details, and the aftermath, in a post soon.


Hostile in Ohio said...

You're're really really back?


Promise? :-D

Missed you Kat!!

Hostile from Quest for Order

Teachermom said...

Hey, you're back! It had been so long since I'd checked your blog, but I decided to do come on over when I saw your comment on Julia's.

Can't wait to hear how you and the kiddos are doing!

Um, thanks for getting "Bizarre Love Triangle" stuck in my head...! :)

Ashley E. Underell Kingsley said...

I can't believe it!!! WE DID IT! I am so glad I found. I have often wondered how you were doing! I would love to stay in touch - catch up.... let's talk about this motherhood stuff - and who cares about the housework. I am the worst domestic failure... but I am getting over it! xoxo SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!


Kristin said...

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